Donna Richards
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Life is a Journey

Donna sees life as a guide who helps others reach their destinations.  Whether it is your first home, or you are empty nesters looking for the perfect vacation home, Donna is eager to lead you through your journey.  Her rule to live by is “Kindness is the greatest form of wisdom.” Donna truly believes that her client’s best interest is her best interest.  As Suze Orman says, “People First, Money Second.”

Donna first got her Real Estate license in 1986 and her passion has continued to grow ever since.  She once said, “I have been in hundreds of thousands of homes, and never tire of viewing them.”  The greatest persona reward for Donna is a happy client.  Her business thrives on the wonderful and bountiful referrals she receives from her loyal clientele.  Donna has developed a reputation of representing families and friends that spans several generations.

Donna is spiritual and respects all life.  She has a big heart for animals and started her professional life out as a veterinary technician, which led her to build pet styling salons and specialty pet stores.  She has taught pet styling in the Midwest, Southeast and as far away as Japan.  Even though she is a full-time realtor now, she continues to be an animal love.  Donna also enjoys nature hikes riding her bike, and going to the beach in her free time.  Her other passion is photography, which goes hand in hand with her love of nature.  She enjoys photographing nature from tide pools to the mountaintops.

Donna’s specialty is fundraising events.  She participates in local community projects, such as Project Kids, Toys for Tots, as well as community and charitable events.  Donna sees this as an opportunity to give back to those who have given her their trust and confidence.

Donna provides Kind & Friendly service coupled with Integrity and Perseverance very step along your journey.