Carol and Steve Godfrey

It is with pleasure, that we tell our story and recommend Donna (BHSC). Our house in Murrieta had been on the market several times in the last six years, always without results in getting a buyer. We had been through two DIFFICULT tenants, and always we were left with a lot of damage. We decided that we needed a NEW realtor and to spend money on the house to get it sold. We called Theresa the stager and she had many wonderful ideas. She recommended that we contact Donna and our meeting went very well. We listed with Donna, she used many beneficial procedures and we had a successful sale. In dealing with Donna, we were so impressed with her common sense approach, valuable knowledge, ease with dealing with her clients, and her management principals. After the sale of the Murrieta house, we were impressed with the full service of their office and Donna’s ideas with having a successful rental property management. A very important aspect of the BHSC office, is they answer our calls, and IF you need to leave a message, they return your call. We have now purchased another rental property with Donna’s expertise and amazed with her constant caring of our best interests. We feel that she has placed tenants that she would accept as her own. Donna has such a reassuring way of finding the right solutions in any given problem. I know I have focused mainly of our admiration for Donna, but I want to elaborate on how the whole team has been great to deal with. I have never felt that there has been a situation that a team member did not want to get us the information that was requested. We would be happy to personally answer any individual questions, that may be similar to our experience. We rate our experience 5 stars!!

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